OK Remit & DSAP MOA Signing
May 15 2017 | BY : jagged-dev

ProvidinBusinesOpportunitiefoEntrepreneurs In today’s competitive business environment, having the edge to attract more customers while earningadditional income is now possible with OK Remit! This year, the partnership between OK Remit and theDSAP Multi-Purpose Cooperative can help generate additional revenue for the DSAP MPC member drugstores who want to become OK Remit outlets.   OK Remit (OKR) can help you bring more customers and increase foot traffic to your drugstores by offering the following options:  

  • Remittance Services across more than 3,000 locations nationwide via OKR, CebuanaLhuillier, Hlhuillier, CARD Network and more!
  • Bills Payment
  • Airline Ticketing payments
  • Cellphone Loading

With more services to be offered soon by OK Remit, DSAP MPC member drugstores can now look forward to more Business Opportunities for their valued customers!